Ana Gardner BA DCH - Clinical Hypnotherapist
Frequently asked questions:
Is hypnotherapy safe?
Hypnotherapy is entirely safe. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state of consciousness that we pass through several times a day, for example, when we are drifting off to sleep at night or are daydreaming. I use a range of techniques to guide you to this specific level of consciousness so that you can enjoy its therapeutic benefits. During hypnosis, you will remain aware of what is going on and would never say or do anything that you would not in a “normal” state of consciousness. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you would fall asleep!
How many sessions will I need?
I tailor the treatment to your individual needs and so it is not possible to predict exactly how many sessions you will need in advance. For most issues, I would expect you to need between two and five sessions. In some cases it may be more or less, however, I would expect you to start seeing positive results from the very first session. It is my goal to help you achieve results as fast as possible, and there is no obligation to book more than one appointment at the outset.
What will the session involve?
The exact structure of the session will depend on your individual needs. At the start of each session we will discuss in detail the issue you are looking to resolve and your goals. We will then discuss the therapeutic approach we will be using before commencing with the hypnosis part of the session.
How much will it cost?
Please see the appointments & prices page.
Can everybody be hypnotised?
Yes, in fact, it is an entirely natural state that you will have passed through many times already in your everyday life without even realising it, for example when you have been daydreaming. Basically, anybody who wants to be hypnotised can be hypnotised but if you don’t want to be, you won’t be. It is a two-way process between the client and therapist – assuming you want to be hypnotised, you most certainly can be. There are varying levels of hypnosis and it is quite common for people to experience increasingly deep levels of hypnosis the more times they experience it.
What is past life regression?
While in hypnosis it is possible to access information about who we might have been in a past life. There are many reasons why a client may wish to explore a past life, such as to gain insight into a problem affecting them in this lifetime, or perhaps just for their own personal interest. Past life regression often has a profoundly cathartic effect and can leave the client feeling better and more focussed in various aspects of their life.
While it is important to have an open mind when using past life regression therapy, it is not imperative to believe unequivocally in reincarnation. Aside from it being a genuine past life memory, other suggestions to explain the detailed nature of these memories include it being an ancestral or genetic memory, or a product of the client’s own unconscious which is presenting a metaphor or story to shed new light on a problem affecting their life. Whatever the beliefs behind these “memories”, past life regression can yield interesting results and positive benefits for the client time after time.
What is “mind massage”?
These 45 minute sessions allow you to relax completely and let tension melt away. Using a combination of basic relaxation and visualisation techniques, these sessions will calm you mind and body in much the same way as a physical massage. They are the perfect way to enjoy some quality “you” time, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and calm.
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